Yellow Diaomnds





Understanding the Allure of the Fancy Yellow Diamond  

Fancy Yellowdiamonds are often referred to as Canary diamonds. They are graded based on the yellow color hue within the stone and range from Light Yellow to Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds.

The Vivids have an extremely yellow color throughout with no white traces within. While still quite rare, the yellow diamond is growing in demand as an introductory purchase into the fancy colored diamond world.

Because yellows are more abundant than other fancy colored diamonds, they are more affordably priced, yet still stand apart for their distinctive beauty. While yellow diamonds are extremely rare, they are relatively abundant in comparison to other fancy colors, making their prices more competitively affordable. In fact, many experts suggest that going with a fancy yellow diamond is a perfect introduction to the fancy colored diamond world since the appearance is magnificent while the cost is not as extravagant. Secondary hues, with one, two or more overtone colors, are quite common in colored diamonds.

For yellow stones shades of green and orange or brown are frequently found. While many buyers prefer stones with the purest color, some combinations, such as yellow with orange overtones, can be alluring and dazzling. In recent years more and more women are choosing yellow diamonds as the centerpiece of their engagement ring.

Choosing a setting for a fancy colored stone is more challenging than for a colorless diamond. The ring is usually designed around the color of the stone and reflects through the diamond, increasing its color intensity. The cut of the diamond also plays a major role in the ultimate intensity of the stone’s color, making it very important to buy from a highly qualified and experienced source. Larger yellow diamonds are recognized for their investment value as well. They can be found in all the most popular cuts, including Asscher, Oval, Marquise, Heart, Round and Princess.