The Appeal and Allure of Natural Fancy Blue Diamonds


 Fancy blue diamonds are among the most sought after by the rich and famous because they are so rare and therefore, so valuable.

 It’s the color often connected to royalty, power and prestige. Special stones displaying a magnificent blue color have gained worldwide popularity. Among the most  famous of these legendary stones is the Hope Diamond. Originating in India, the Hope Diamond weighed 112.25 carats when purchased and was then sold to the French  King Louis XIV. Its current weight is 45.52ct.

 The Wittelsbach Diamond, also known as Der Blaue Wittelsbacher, is a 35.56-carat fancy, deep, grayish-blue diamond that had been part of both the Austrian and the  Bavarian Crown jewels. Diamonds like these have added greatly to the stature of owning a prestigious blue stone. India’s Golconda mine has long been the source of  many natural blue colored diamonds. In recent years, however, South Africa has become a leading producer of blue stones, especially in the Cullinan mine near Pretoria.

 Australia’s Argyle mine is also recognized for beautiful diamonds in blue and violet hues. Rarely are blue diamonds found in a pure, straight blue color. Resulting from the  influences of boron and nitrogen, blue diamonds come in a full spectrum of shades that range in strength and color intensity from a very pale blue to a vivid blue as well  as Gray-Blue, Green-Blue and sometimes Violet-Blue.

0.75 carat Fancy Intense Greeniish Blue

(0.75ct Fancy Intense Greeinish Blue Diamond)

 These diamonds can be found in most all cuts and shapes, including Princess, Emerald, Round, Asscher, Oval and Marquise. Some of today’s blue diamonds are among  the most rare stones in the world.

 Because fancy blue diamonds are in such high demand, diamond collectors and enthusiasts consider these stones to be reliable and valuable investment jewels. When  making a purchase, be sure to seek out experienced, reliable professionals who specialize in these very unique diamonds.

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