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Green Diamonds

Monday, December 22, 2014 6:19:51 AM America/Los_Angeles


                              greenSelcting Fancy Green Diamonds  For Special Dazzle and Eye Appeal


Because they are so rare, natural fancy green diamonds are among the most expensive. In fact, good quality green diamonds are far more costly than near-colorless stones. Pure green diamonds come in eight different color intensity grades, ranging from Faint Green to Fancy Deep Green.


How do green diamonds compare to emeralds? The best emeralds do not possess the sparkle and intensity of a fancy green diamond. They are also not as hard nor durable as a diamond. 

The largest and most famous green diamond in the world is the Dresden Diamond, which weighs 40.70 carats. It is known to have a color of natural origin making it extremely valuable and rare.


Exposure to atomic radiation or radioactivity is what creates the green color in diamonds, also making it hard to determine whether the stone is natural or treated.

Treatment only works with a small minority of diamonds. The process involves irradiating the stones which generates a color change. This is followed by a color stabilization heat treatment.

While recognized as a highly valued color for diamonds, green has also been found to be very restful color for the human eye. It is associated with stability, safety and endurance as well as a symbol of nature, growth, harmony and fertility. For this reason green earrings, rings and pendants are held is such high esteem.


Fancy green diamonds can be found in the most desirable cuts including Asscher, Pear, Radiant, Heart, Oval, Marquise, Round and Princess.


When choosing your green diamond be sure to work with experts who are specialists in fancy colored diamonds and their settings.


To inspect fancy color diamonds   Click Here 


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