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Zimmi Canary Diamonds

Monday, December 22, 2014 6:19:51 AM America/Los_Angeles




 The Zimmi Yellow Diamond Yellow Diamond -

a vividly colored beauty you'll wear with pride! 



Yellow diamonds are some of the most popular among the fancy colored diamonds and come

in a variety of shades.

While there are many regions where yellow diamonds can be found, Sierra Leone is recognized as the source of some of the most rare and strikingly beautiful yellow diamonds in the world. In fact, diamonds from the region’s Zimmi mine have such a highly saturated yellow color, they stand apart from all others and are known as Zimmi Yellow Diamonds.



Round Zimmi Canary 4.50 carat

                                          (Round Zimmi Canary Diamonds 4.50 carats VVS2 EX EX)


2.01 carat Zimmi Pear Shape Fancy Vivid Yellow                                          ( 2.01 carat Zimmi Pear Shape Fancy Vivid Yellow VS1) 

Because these stone are so vividly colored they are in high demand. Many sell for up to twice and sometimes even triple the price of other yellow diamonds.


Zimmi diamonds are distinguished by their very deep, warm and lively Jonquil yellow color. Some are mixed with a touch of orange.


Oval 1.03ct Fancy Vivid Orange-Yellow VS1

                                                                  (Oval 1.03ct Fancy Vivid Orange-Yellow VS1)



Many yellow natural diamonds occur as irregularly shaped rough crystals. The rough diamonds from the Zimmi mine, however, show a smooth and rounded shape that makes them much more suitable for cutting with minimal weight loss.


Rough Zimmi Diamond

                                         (Rough Zimi Diamond size of approximately 20 carat)

Just as with most other colored diamonds, Zimmi yellow stones can be found in all cuts, including Round, Princess, Asscher, Oval, Marquise, Pear, Radiant, Heart and Cushion. However, the most preferred shapes are Round, Asscher and Emerald. This is because it is harder to center the colors in these shapes, which maximizes the true value of the stone. Therefore they are held in higher regard than other shapes.


Because they are so beautiful and unique, fancy yellow diamonds are becoming an increasingly more popular choice as an engagement ring centerpiece diamond -- especially when set in yellow gold. These standout rings can be exceptionally alluring. When compared to other fancy colored diamonds, the stones can also be more reasonably priced.


When choosing Zimmi or other fancy diamonds, always work with a trusted vendor known for expertise in colored diamonds, and specialization in Zimmi stones to assure the highest levels of satisfaction.

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